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Telecommunications Training

Quabeka Training offers a wide variety of certified training and courses to help people to achieve their goals and succeed in the telecommunications industry.

The courses enable the learner to apply a range of competencies in a varied work context from installation to operation of telecommunications equipment and products.

Driver Training

We offer Defensive and Advanced Driving Training. The program is an effective introduction to the concept of defensive driving and incorporates experiential learning through practical in-car exercises as well as providing an abundance of underpinning knowledge about vehicle safety and safer driving strategies.

Construction Training

We train staff in different skills required in the construction industry and are expanding our range of courses over time. Contact us for any of your urgent needs in construction training. If we do not offer the course as yet, we will put you in contact with one of our business partners who does offer the course.


Complete List of Training Courses


For further information regarding training, please contact:

Jolanda Bruton

073 157 7665 (Cell) (E-mail)