Quabeka supports the following organisations financially:

S.A.M.E. Foundation

S.A.M.E. Foundation's sole aim is to improve healthcare and education in poverty-stricken communities through high-impact, focused projects. Without intervention by you and the SAME Foundation, these communities won't be able to receive the healthcare and education that they deserve.

Employ & Empower Deaf (eDEAF)

eDEAF has been empowering deaf communities since 2007. Their highly effective training courses and learner-ship programs have been widely received by deaf people from all walks of life. In addition there have been a number of South African companies that have benefited through the various BBBEE incentives when employing a Deaf individual through eDEAF.

SEDA Platinum Incubator

The primary aim of this incubator is to facilitate skills transfer to, and ensure upliftment of historically disadvantaged South Africans through their involvement in platinum beneficiation activities, mainly Jewellery manufacturing. This will in turn help address the prevalent socio-economic challenges in the Nortwest Province.

National Sea Rescue Institute

Sea Rescue is the charity that saves lives on South African waters. The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is run by over 1 000 highly skilled, unpaid volunteers who are on standby day and night throughout the year